Here comes the third strike from Bremen's noise post-punkers. Bulky here, catchy there...

...11 tracks & the record spins at 45 RPM!


DEFEKT DEFEKT are a UK/DE trio that play music influenced by early 80s british punk rock or post punk.

They have released 3 LPs and have toured the U.K., France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

They have been requested (by the bands) as a supporting act for Jello biafra a.t.g.s.m, Slime, The Briefs and the Subhumans.

Band members have played in many other bands as founder members or stand in players including The Smart Pils , Zygote ,The Moorat Fingers, Chung, Cross Stitched Eyes, M.O.T.O, Messerknecht, The Sonny Vincent band and various other acts aswell as working with members of The Circle Jerks, Hawkwind, Amebix, and various others.