With the band Defekt Defekt it is 1977 all over again, although sometimes they sound a little experimental as well. They hail from Germany and are based around Andreas Wolfinger: Voc, Guit, Bass, Tim Shapland: Voc, Guit, Bass and Benno Patzer: Drums. Even though from Germany, the trio has styled themselves in the very British Punk genre. With the post-punk experimental direction of the early 80’s is very notable. Songs like “War and Industry” are aggressive dark punk rockers. While “Machine” and “Stitches” are classic late 70’s melodic punk rockers that are catchy tunes and real crowd pleasers. A feature of this album is the good guitar work clearly evident. Songs such as “Plastique” and “Koktel” appear to be experimental and aggressive. However more melodic punk rock can be heard through the “Insomnia” and “Ready Again” tracks. “Deleted” is a real crowd pleaser it has a bit of the modern rocker style and feel. The closing track “Uniforms” is a Sham 69 type classic punk rocker. Recommended to fans of the late 70s early 80s punk rock and experimental post-punk movement from 35 years ago.

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10